The Red Cross Society is a worldwide, well known, universally accepted and admired and internationally identified humanitarian service organization. It organizes relief and assistance without discrimination to the victims of armed conflicts, endeavours to mitigate and alleviate the human sufferings, wherever and whenever the naturals/man made disasters cripple the society, works to ensure respect and dignity for human being and serves to promote mutual understanding, friendship and co-operation among all peoples.

It is the biggest, independent non-religious, non-political, non-sectarian and voluntary relief organization treating people equally all over the world without any discrimination as to their nationality, race and religious beliefs. It was established in 1863 in Geneva, Switzeriand.The Youth Red Cross is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross. It is group movement organized at the initial stages for struggle between 18 and 25 years of age within the colleges. A qualified lecturer is recognized as the leader and he is called as the programme officer. Under his guidance, the students are trained and encouraged to manage the affairs of the group, electing their own office - bearers.


   AIDS, World's most significant public health challenges.

   By WHO report, at the end of 2013, 11.7 million people were receiving ART in low and middle income countries.

   This represents 36% [34-38%] of the 32.6 million [30.7-34.8 million] people living with HIV in low and middle income countries.

   Most people living with HIV or at risk for HIV do not have access to prevention, care and treatment and there is still no cure.