Department of Pharmacology

The Department of Pharmacology has top-drawer facilities for research and established in 2009. Research in Cancer, Metabolic disorders, Inflammatory diseases, Chemoprevention, Wound healing and tissue repair, Neuro-Pharmacology, Diabetes and Psycho-Pharmacology is being carried out in the department. Faculty, Research Scholars and Post Graduate Students are actively involved in research projects.


Key Features;-

   Finest infrastructure with sophisticated and well-equipped laboratories

   Hands-on Training in Vitro and in Vivo experimental Pharmacology

   Full-fledged Cell Culture Lab (Western blotting, Flow Cytometry, Cell Analyser)

   Technical Skills in instrument handling (HPLC, Electrophoresis, Fluorescent imaging)

   Industry sponsored projects to provide rich experience to research scholars and M.Pharm students.


Core Competencies;-

   Animal handling

   Tissue based experiments

   In-Vivo and invitro Pharmacological experimentation

   Academic pre-requisities of clinical research