“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” - AlbertEinstein

College Library offers materials on a wide range of Pharmacy subjects to support discovery and learning to meet the academic needs of students and faculty members. For research scholars emphasis is placed on current materials that will support and enrich projects.

A number of text books, reference books, journals, CDROM and periodicals make for interesting reading. Internet facility is available for online search particularly useful for post graduate students and research scholars.

Number of books - 6254

Number of titles - 956

Number of National journals-291

Number International Journals -36

Number of e-journals subscribed – 53

Number of CDs available - 50

Number of Magazines -15

Number of newspaper -07

Salient Features

The library is open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on all working days.

The library is completely computerized and automation of all its operations

Loan of books to members is through Identify Cards with Bar-Coding.

Photocopying facility is available on the library.

Separate sections for text books, reference books, Journals, Periodicals, back volumes, project reports with internet access available.

The library has collection of about 6254 books, pharmaceutical journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, manuals, periodicals of various pharmaceutical disciplines. It subscribes to more than 500 National and International journals of Pharmacy.


                             Resources  name



Total number volumes



Total number of Title



Total number of National Journals



Total number of International Journals



Total number of Magazine



Total number of E-journals   Delnet



Total number of E-Consortium



Total number of Non- Book materials



Total number of Back Volumes



Total number of  Dissertations



News Papers



CD and Videos



It consists of informative & wonderfully arranged drug display boards that showcase the latest allopathic and herbal formulations. Anatomical models, informative charts, specimens, photographs and news updates related to the field of pharmaceutical sciences also enrich the collection.


College Laboratories are completely independent and free to investigate anything that interests them. In practice, many of them are anxious to keep in touch with industry and focus their research efforts on problems with practical application.

Computer Lab

The College has its own computer lab for pharmacy students located on the second floor of Lloyd M. Parks Hall. The lab houses 30 computers with internet ,wifi and is open to students during normal business hours. A variety of software is available, including statistical analysis, technical graphing, and molecular modeling programs.

Lecture Hall

ECP contains six classrooms, with the largest accommodating 100 students. It is equipped with retractable screens and audiovisual equipment like slide and film projectors, OHP, Video projector, LCD and Cameras.


The auditorium with state of the art multimedia system. It is frequently used for presentations, seminars, fests, events of the college.The College Auditorium has a fixed stage and can accommodate thousands of audience comfortably.

Drug Information Centre

In our college DIC is a service offered through pharmacy practice department, which provides advice and act as a referral service by directing the best available resource to respond to query or concern. The DIC caters the need of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, patients and other health care professionals.

First DIC was developed in University of Kentucky in 1960. In India first DIC is developed in Kasthuriba Medical College in associated with Karnataka State Pharmacy Council.

Animal House

Our college Animal house consists of enough experimental animals to promote research activities which include Albino rats, Albino mice, Albino rabbits, Guinea pigs etc. Central animal house was approved by Centre for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiment on Animals (CPCSEA).The facilities in the animal house supports a healthy social environment for the animals that mimics the animal’s natural social environment useful for screening of various drug activities.

Medicinal Garden

This area is now part of the new Garden of Medicinal Plants.The Pharmaceutical Garden is a display of plants which yield therapeutic compounds of proven value in current medicinal practice and are in world-wide use today.The beds are arranged according to the use of the drug derived from the plants. The collection includes plants such as Catharanthusroseus (Madagascar Periwinkle) which contains alkaloids used in anti-cancer drugs. Digitalis lanata (Woolly Foxglove) which contains a cardiac glycoside (digoxin) that is extracted directly from the leaves and is used to control and prevent abnormal heart rhythms and strengthen the heart beat. Filipendulaulmaria (Meadowsweet) is the plant from which salicylic acid was first made in 1835, leading to the introduction of aspirin in 1899. Hordeumvulgare (Barley) led to the synthesis of lignocaine which is universally used as a local anaesthetic.

Hostel Facilities

The college campus has seven spacious, well-designed and properly furnished separate hostels for boys and girls; including different ones for under graduate and postgraduate students. Each hostel room is well furnished with double bed, study table, wardrobes and has an attached bath and toilet, with 24 hours hot water supply. Each hostel has separate common rooms with color television with DTH and facilities for indoor games where students can relax after exhaustive hours of study.

Recreational Activities & Sports

The ECP believes that a healthy mind works better and that sports help to inculcate good qualities in the students. Involving oneself in competitive sports encourages healthy competition, co-operation and leadership qualities. Apart from sports activities the college has plans for an annual visit to the industries in the nearby area. This helps in bridging the gap between industry and college.Also, we encourage and appreciate students to participate in our annual festival.

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